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Tennis Research and Performance Group

Established January 2020

Sophiahemmet University

Tennis Research and Performance Group is based at and hosted by Sophiahemmet University, Stockholm, Sweden. It is a subgroup to the overall research group MUSIC (Musculoskeletal & Sports Injury Epidemiology Center) directed by professor Eva Skillgate.


The sport of tennis develops in many ways, most of them very positive. However, along with the development of early specialization in tennis the need for a uniform way of protecting players health, development and performance becomes more important. This statement is not only important when the players eventually reach the WTA or ATP level since those players might be the premium selection and “survivors of the fittest”. Therefore, we need to establish this from the level of Tennis Europe (under 14) and ITF Junior level (under 18) in order to improve the situation.


Therefore, the aim within our group is to:

(1) Establish long-term research programs on injury and disease prevention including studies on basic epidemiology, risk factors, injury mechanisms and high performance,

(2) Fostering collaborative relationships with individuals, institutions and organizations to improve tennis players’ health.

About us and contact

We are a small non-profit organisation, dependent on collaboration at a organisational and university level and teamwork on an individual level,

To reach us please go to our contact page, 

All the best!

Fredrik Johansson, PhD and Director of Tennis Research and Performance Group

Eva Skillgate, Professor and Senior Advisor.

Fredrik Johansson

PhD, Director of Tennis Research and Performance Group


It is a true pleasure for me to personally welcome you to this site, my passion in research and high performance sports is tennis. The ambition with this site is to establish a platform that is informative but also inspiring in the world of tennis research and performance. Our group consists of passionate individuals and organisations that all have tennis as a special interest. 

The protection of a tennis players health, preventing injuries, illnesses and enhancing performance are top priorities for all of us working with tennis on a national and international level.

Please feel free to spread the word about this site and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, 

Best regards

Fredrik Johansson

Per Renström

MD, Professor Emeritus, Honorary Senior Advisor

Co-founder of STMS and a Swedish legend in sports medicine with tennis as a special interest. It is a huge privilege to appoint Professor Renström as honorary senior advisor for the Tennis Research and Performance Group.

Proudly presenting our

Research Partners

Tennis Research and Performance Group


Mark Batt, Professor, Great Britain

Ann Cools, PhD, Belgium

Jaime Fernandez, PhD, Spain

Tim Gabbett, PhD, Australia

Todd S. Ellenbecker, ATP DPT, CSCS, USA

Kathleen Stroia, M.S, P.T, A.T, C, USA

Mikael Swaren, PhD

Glenn Bjorklund, Ass.Professor

Magnus Norman, Founder GTG, ATP Coach

Christer Sjöö, General Secretary, Swedish Tennis Ass.

Håkan Dahlbo, Founder ESTESS, PTCA representative.

Per Renström, MD, Professor Emeritus

Eva Skillgate, Professor, Senior Advisor

Fredrik Johansson, PhD, Director of the group